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Toward Natural Society (1858)

This “Appendix” was printed with “The Inherent Evils of All State Govern­ments Demonstrated,” a special reprint of the “Vindication of Natural Society” (ACS # 6) cir­cul­at­ed by early English mutualists in 1858. The editors, while defending the philo­soph­ic­al Anarchism of the Vindication, viewed it as incomplete, con­demn­ing “Arti­fic­ial Society” without offering guidance on how it might be ended, or “Nat­ur­al Society” brought into practical being. They added this “Appendix,” to “briefly [enunciate] the principles through which ‘Natural Society’ may be gradually realized,” draw­ing on the work of the American individualists Josiah Warren and Stephen Pearl Andrews. The result was a fascinating commentary and document of early English mutualism.