Pros and Cons of Chávez and Chomsky, Anarchist Lessons from Star Wars

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This is the second issue of the Molinari Institute’s quarterly magazine, The Industrial Radical. Editor Roderick Long writes, The second issue (Winter 2013) of The Industrial Radical goes to the printer today, featuring articles by B-psycho, Kevin Carson, Gary Chartier, William Gillis, Anthony Gregory, Thomas L. Knapp, Anna Morgenstern, Darian Worden, and your humble correspondent, on topics ranging from police brutality, gun control, immigration policy, and left-libertarianism to Hugo Chávez’s mixed legacy, Noam Chomsky’s inconsistencies, Rand Paul’s anti-drone filibuster, the intersection between anarcho-syndicalism and agorism, and of course Star Wars


  • Not to Praise, But to Bury Him by Kevin A. Carson.
  • Chomsky’s Augustinian Anarchism by Roderick T. Long.
  • It’s a Start … by B-psycho.
  • Nobody’s Serious About “Immigration Reform” … by Thomas L. Knapp
  • Gun Control: Who Gets Control? by Darian Worden
  • Beyond Government by Roderick T. Long
  • Abolish the Police by Anthony Gregory
  • The Root Is Power by Kevin A. Carson
  • Paths to Liberation by Anna Morgenstern

Anarchist Perspectives on Star Wars

  • Disney’s Lucasfilm Buyout: Fighting Power with Power by Kevin A. Carson
  • Remembering Corporate Liberalism by Roderick T. Long
  • How Star Wars Should Have Ended: Reflections on Taste, the Expanded Universe, and Radical Politics by William Gillis

Explaining Left-Libertarianism

  • The Distinctiveness of Left-Libertarianism by Gary Chartier
  • The Conflation Trap by Roderick T. Long
  • The Bold and the Desirable: A Prophecy and a Proposal by Charles Johnson
  • Beyond Bossism by Gary Chartier
  • Left-Libertarianism: No Master, No Bosses by Kevin A. Carson


  • Photos from Recent Molinari Events

The Industrial Radical is devoted to radical libertarian political and social analysis in the tradition of Benjamin Tucker’s 1881-1908 Liberty, Emma Goldman’s 1906-1917 Mother Earth, and Murray Rothbard’s 1965-1968 Left & Right.

Cover illustration: Les Armées de l’Air, by A. Robida; illustration for Pierre Giffard’s La Guerre Infernale, 1908 (public domain).

Introduced April 2013.

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