The Revolution Comes to Turkey

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This is the third issue of the Molinari Institute’s quarterly magazine, The Industrial Radical. Editor Roderick Long writes, The third issue (Spring 2013) of The Industrial Radical will be back from the printers and on its way to subscribers shortly, featuring articles by Less Antman, Jason Lee Byas, Kevin Carson, Nathan Goodman, Anthony Gregory, Trevor Hultner, Charles Johnson, Joshua Katz, Thomas L. Knapp, Abby Martin, Chad Nelson, Sheldon Richman, Jeremy Weiland, and your humble correspondent, on topics ranging from NSA surveillance and whistleblowing, the Turkish revolt, the Boston lockdown, the Keystone XL pipeline, intellectual property, and the futility of gun control in an age of 3-D printing, to compulsory schooling, American militarism, conscription, worker exploitation, property rights, prison ethics, rape culture, the pros and cons of communism, and the dubious legacy of Margaret Thatcher.


  • An Open Letter to the Turkish Protestors by the Center for a Stateless Society
  • U.S. Government vs. DEFCAD: You Can’t Fix Stupid by Kevin A. Carson
  • Background Checks: Disarming the Marginalized and Oppressed by Nathan Goodman
  • Demagogy on Manchin-Toomey by Sheldon Richman
  • Living the Lockdown Life by Thomas L. Knapp
  • One Reason Not to Build the Keystone XL Pipeline: Justice by Jason Lee Byas
  • Tar Sands Blockade: Radical Environmentalism Is Radical Libertarianism by Abby Martin
  • Primitive Accumulation in the News by Kevin A. Carson
  • It’s Not About Privacy by Jeremy Weiland
  • The Banality of Condemnation by Trevor Hultner
  • Progressive Politics: Send In All Your Private Phone Records To Me, Al Franken by Charles Johnson
  • Public Enemy Number One: The Public by Kevin A. Carson
  • That Which Is Unacceptable to Us, Let Us Not Do to Children by Joshua Katz
  • Hey Iraqis: How’s that Liberation Stuff Workin’ Out For Ya? by Kevin A. Carson
  • Viewing State Action the Same as Individual Action by Chad Nelson
  • Prisons Can’t Stop Rape Culture, Grassroots Intervention Can by Nathan Goodman
  • Prison Break by Roderick T. Long
  • Deadly Contradictions: Patent Privilege vs. Saving Lives by Nathan Goodman
  • Patent Trolls are Bad — Patents are Worse by Trevor Hultner
  • Through a (Google) Glass, Darkly? by Thomas L. Knapp
  • The Strawberries of Wrath by Kevin A. Carson
  • Bangladeshi Workers Need Freed Markets by Sheldon Richman
  • Sweatshops the Best Available Alternative? by Kevin A. Carson
  • The Draft Is And Always Will Be Slavery by Anthony Gregory
  • Margaret Thatcher and the Degradation of Freedom in Right-Wing Discourse by Kevin A. Carson
  • Is Property Theft? by Less Antman
  • The Paradox of Property by Roderick T. Long
  • Bastiat on the Socialization of Wealth by Sheldon Richman
  • Who Owns the Benefit? The Free Market as Full Communism by Kevin A. Carson
  • Revolutionary Road by Roderick T. Long
  • Molinari News Notes

The Industrial Radical is devoted to radical libertarian political and social analysis in the tradition of Benjamin Tucker’s 1881-1908 Liberty, Emma Goldman’s 1906-1917 Mother Earth, and Murray Rothbard’s 1965-1968 Left & Right.

Cover photo: A man plays the accordion in Adana behind the barricades, source:

Introduced July 2013.

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