Ten Common Objections to Market Anarchy, with 10 Responses

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In this lecture from 2004, left-libertarian philo­soph­er Roderick Long takes on ten common objections to Market Anarchism and makes the argument for a free and flourishing stateless social order. Long tackles statist fallacies from the philosophical tradition and from modern econo­m­ists, including:

1. “Government is not a coercive monopoly!”

2. “Government is necessary for cooperation!”

3. Locke’s three “inconveniencies” of anarchy

4. “Private protection agencies will battle!”

5. “There’s no final arbiter of disputes!”

6. “Property rights cannot emerge from the market!”

7. “Organized crime will take over!”

8. “The rich will take over!”

9. “The masses will demand bad laws!”

10. “Private protection agencies will become a de facto government!”

The transcript of the lecture appears here along with the discussion from the Question & Answer period, in which Long discusses division of labor, what will prevent private prot­ection agencies from be­com­ing a protection racket, and what best explains the origins of the State. . . .

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