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Rothbard is now remembered as the father of Anarcho-Capitalism, but in the 60s he argued for placing market anarchism on the revolutionary Left, and allied with SDS and the Black Panthers. Here he argues that principled libertarianism means defending freedom and genuine, labor-based property — not apologetics for politically-fabricated property titles or state-privileged corporate capitalism — that radical free-market principles support student occupations of universities and workers’ councils seizing factories and property from corporations embedded in the military-industrial complex.

The [homestead] principle applies to nominally ‘private’ property which really comes from the State …. Columbia University, for example, which receives nearly 2/3 of its income from government, is only a ‘private’ college in the most ironic sense. It deserves a similar fate of virtuous homesteading confiscation. But if Columbia University, what of General Dynamics? What of the myriad of corporations which are integral parts of the military-industrial complex, which not only get over half or sometimes virtually all their revenue from the government but also participate in mass murder? What are their credentials to ‘private’ property? Surely less than zero. As … co-founders of the garrison state, they deserve confiscation and reversion of their property to the genuine private sector as rapidly as possible. To say that their ‘private’ property must be respected is to say that the property stolen by the horsethief and the murderer must be ‘respected’.

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