Against Neoliberalism, Against Borders

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Neither neo-liberalism nor government borders offer freedom or an adequate living for working people: they are just two different forms of government control, which take the power out of the hands of working people and put it in the hands of either international trade bureaucrats and politically-connected CEOs, or else the rulers of police states and “democratically-elected” governments. This booklet, from the late, great Boston Anarchist Drinking Brigade, looks at the ways in which “free trade” agreements only manage
government intervention in economic life, leaving government privilege for big business intact; and also the ways in which the solutions offered by the statist Left and right-wing protectionists—fortifying and locking down the imaginary border-lines that governments tear through our communities—provides no real alternative at all, but only more political control by our would-be rulers.

The WTO does not propose to free up trade between individuals, either. It sets rules which the bureaucrats who run the organization feel best serve the interests of corporations favored by the various governments that make it up. … We need to get the various national democratic governments, as well as the WTO, off the backs of the people they push around and brutalize. If democracy, like
voting, really changed anything, it would be prohibited.

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