If You Work for Peace, Stop Paying For War!

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After electoral Change has come and gone, while the war drags on without end, Gina Lunori’s call for new strategies in the struggle against the warfare State is a much needed bit of clarity and serious thought. If we are going to get out from under, it will take new efforts that bypass electoral politics and strike at the root of the matter — by denying the warfare State the material support that it needs to sustain itself.

Voting is kind of like gambling on sports, but slightly more sacred …. You’ve got to play to win, and playing with only a vote is hardly playing at all. The people who place big bets, in large denominations, are the ones who get the big pay-outs. The rest of us are just paying the house. … Myself, I’m sick of arguing with the government. I don’t have any more argument with the government — I know what kind of beast it is, and I know what kind of woman I am. … If you love liberty, if you hate war, you should at once withdraw your support from the government. Withdrawing your moral support isn’t enough — it’s your practical support that the government feeds on — it doesn’t give a damn what your opinions are….

Introduced October 2008.

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