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If you want to take direct action against the warfare State by resisting taxes, the next question is how you go about doing that. For those who want to avoid a potentially disastrous confrontation with the IRS, anti-war tax-resistance David Gross (of The Picket Line blog) offers this practical how-to guide on eliminating your tax liability by living simply, reducing your reported income, and taking advantage of tax credits available to low-income filers.

Introduced October 2008.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Owe Nothin’: A Practical Guide to How You Can Stop Paying for War by Living Simply and Eliminating Your Tax Liability

  1. Hi, I just paid paypal for the Don’t Owe Nuthin book, but can’t find any place to download it. I would prefer it not be printed and mailed. Is there anywhere that I can get it by downloading it?

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