Free Market Anti-Capitalism?

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The query then naturally presented itself why all prices do not fall to labor cost: where there is any room for incomes acquired otherwise than by labor; in a word, why the usurer, the receiver of interest, rent, and profit, exists. The answer was found in the present one-sidedness of competition … Capital had so manipulated legislation that unlimited competition is allowed in supplying productive labor, thus keeping wages down to the starvation point, or as near it as practicable; … but that [through the state monopoly] almost no competition at all is allowed in supplying capital, upon the aid of which both productive and distributive labor are dependent for their power of achievement. …

Benjamin Tucker’s classic presentation of the case for laissez-faire socialism — against both the authoritarian violence of State Socialism, and the kleptocracy of corporate capitalism supported by government privileges for the Four Monopolies.

Introduced February 2009.

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