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The “Contemporary Radicalism” zine series is an occasional series created to publish and showcase ground-breaking recent texts from Anarchist, Individualist, and other radically anti-authoritarian movements. We aim to introduce ideas, raise questions and provoke conversations about the radical possibilities of total liberation, consensual politics and DIY social change.

New booklets come out as they come out; unlike our Market Anarchy and Anarchist Classics subscription series, there isn’t currently a regular publication schedule.

You can order individual copies (typically about $2.00 / booklet), place bulk orders (at a significant bulk discount), or get our full print run (3 zines for $5.00, or only $5.00 when you order multiples).

The series includes:

The Iron Fist Behind the Invisible Hand,
by Kevin Carson (2001)

Crypto Anarchy and Virtual Communities,
by Timothy C. May (1994)

15 Anti-Primitivist Theses,
by William Gillis (2006)

Introduced May 2013.

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