Malatesta – the anarchy.

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“Even if we pursue our hypothesis of the ideal government of the authoritarian socialists, far from resulting in an increase in the productive, organising and protective forces in society, it would greatly reduce them, limiting initiative to a few, and giving them the right to do everything without, of course, being able to provide them with the gift of being all-knowing. . . .”

“To destroy authority, to abolish government, does not mean the destruction of individual and collective forces which operate in society, nor the influences which people mutually exert on each other. . . The abolition of authority means, the abolition of the monopoly of force and of influence. . . The abolition of government does not and cannot mean the breakdown of the social link. Quite the contrary From the free participation of all, by means of the spontaneous grouping of men according to their requirements and their sympathies, from the bottom to the top, from the simple to the complex, starting with the most urgent interests and arriving in the end at the most remote and most general, a social organisation would emerge the function of which would be the greatest well-being and the greatest freedom for everybody, and would draw together the whole of mankind into a community of comradeship, and would be modified and improved according to changing circumstances and the lessons learned from experience.”

“This society of free people,
this society of friends is Anarchy. . . .”

Introduced April 2014.

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