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“WHOEVER SAYS ANARCHY SAYS DENIAL OF GOVERNMENT; whoever says denial of government says affirmation of the people; whoever says affirmation of the people says individual liberty; whoever says individual liberty says the sovereignty of each; whoever says the sovereignty of each says equality; whoever says equality says solidarity or fraternity; whoever says fraternity says social order. Therefore whoever says Anarchy says social order.

“ON THE CONTRARY: WHOEVER SAYS GOVERNMENT says denial of the people; whoever says denial of the people says affirmation of political authority; whoever says affirmation of political authority says individual subordination; whoever says individual subordination says class supremacy; whoever says class supremacy says inequality; whoever says inequality says antagonism; whoever says antagonism says civil war. Therefore whoever says government says civil war.

“YES, ANARCHY IS ORDER, FOR GOVERNMENT IS CIVIL WAR. The intestine wars which have decimated in all ages proceed from this single cause, — to wit, the overturn or preservation of the government. In order to establish peace, it suffices for citizens to cease, on the one hand, to be partisans, and, on the other, to be adversaries, of the government. . . .”

Introduced June 2014.

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